Collaborative Digital Media Project

Co-authored by Monique Mair, Joshua Yammouni, Wei Gao, Laura Maree Cantillon and Jemmy Augustian Rostandy (Group 25)

Below is our co-created ‘surveillance story’ that takes place in the form of a short 5-minute news report, presenting the varying opinions on surveillance in schools. Following the video, we discuss the collaborative process we underwent in order to produce this final product and the messages we intended to convey through our video. Enjoy!

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The Problems With Mass Surveillance

404567359_8f744452fd_oCCTV by Pablo Tenorio (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Surveillance is quite a confusing topic to talk about. While we like the benefits that it bring to the society, we are also fearful of its implications. This confusion brings us to a bigger problem; that most people lack a compelling account to when and why surveillance is harmful. Continue reading “The Problems With Mass Surveillance”

How Mr. Robot Reminds Us That We Should be Scared

14448977472_00a214af66_zHallo Webcam by Maik Meid (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Episode two of the first season of the Hit US TV show Mr. Robot brought up an issue of webcam hacking. Early in the episode, Ollie was convinced to help an emerging rapper by listening to his music CD album and share it on his social media. What we found out at the end of the episode is that what we thought of the seemingly harmless CD that Ollie inserted into his computer is actually a hacking device which allowed the supposed “rapper” to get a view of his personal life through his webcam.

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The Death of “Authenticity”

2945717204_8798e67e4c_bIdentity by Davebleasdale (CC-BY 2.0)

A question that was asked during the last class was whether we (the students) as social media users have a different online persona as compared to our real life identity. Some of my peers answered yes, and as the concept of ‘Online Authenticity’ came up, it brought up another question on my mind. Is having multiple identities across the offline and online world a bad thing?

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